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3DMM Laser Micromachining

3DMM Laser Micromachining

The progressive miniaturization in electronics, semiconductor processing and manufacturingis characterized by smaller and smaller structures as well as the demand for highest precision in terms of surface quality, absence of burr, and materials residues. While established fabrication technologies increasingly face their limits, laser micromachining provides optimum preconditions for the required quality and precision since machining is accomplished in a contactless fashion and the extent of the heat-affected zone is very small.

The application areas of 3DMM Laser Micromachining lie within

Micro drilling silicon, glass, ceramics, etc.

- Fine cutting of SiC

- Laser activation after ion implantation and ohmic contact in SiC process.

- Preparation of TEM Samples


microCELL™ TLS– Systems for Laser Half-Cell Cutting in Photovoltaics

The microCELL™TLS solutions are a highly productive laser systems forlaser dicing of full cells into half cells with Thermal Laser Separation (TLS-Dicing™),

microSTRUCTC™ - Laser Systems for Cutting and drilling of different materials

The microSTRUCT C™ laser system is modular platforms designed for high accuracy cutting, drilling and structuring of different materials, such as ceramic, glass and semiconductors.

· microDICE™ – Wafer Dicing System for Separation of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Wafers

The microDICE™ laser micromachining system leverages TLS-Dicing™ (thermal laser separation) – a unique technology that uses thermally induced mechanical forces to separate brittle semiconductor materials, such as silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC), into dies with outstanding edge quality while increasing manufacturing yield and throughput.

· Customized/OEM Laser Systems for Micromachining Applications

We focus on laser micromachining of virtually any material using short-pulse and ultra-short pulse lasers as well as short wave lasers (UV). Because of our many years of experience in laser technology our machines achieve the best processing results in the µm and sub-µm range.

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