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ATV Vacuum reflux furnace

ATV Vacuum reflux furnace




Chip welding, flip chip bonding, reflux of eutectic gold solder, bump fabrication, device technology


The device integrates various means used in vacuum reflux into one device. Provide maximum process flexibility to users. These include:

· Low vacuum (mbar level)

· High vacuum (10-5mbar level)

· High pressure (three atmospheric pressures)

· Formic acid atmosphere

· Forming gas for N2/H2 reduction

· Pure hydrogen atmosphere (100% H2)

· Use of flux.

· Plasma cleaning

· Temperature control (room temperature to 450 C, higher temperature options). Lighting heating, fast speed, high uniformity. It can also be heated up and down at the same time. The heating area is 230 x 217 mm (SRO700/714) to 314 x 314 mm (SRO716).

· Various fixtures to ensure that the chip does not move in the process.

· The cavity height is up to 10 cm to ensure that various modules can be machined.

· Customer-specific fixtures.


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