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ProTec Electrostatic contactless Bipolar Racket

ProTec® electrostatic touchless chucking and handling tools

ProTec® - The Gripper for touchless gripping by electrostatic energy field

The ESC and T-ESC® Technologies by ProTec® offer the solution for demanding processing on new or even existing equipment, leading to a better cost of ownership and an easy integration of new processes on already existing lines. Highest yield also for fragile substrates can be generated for inline and also cluster based processing tools.

By means of electrostatic force, the chuck can fix various types of substrates, such as glass, film, silicon, etc.

The base plate is completely fixed from the back, so the whole front can be processed.

Warpage materials can be flattened and maintained even under temperature shock and vacuum conditions.

T-ESC® technology of ProTec® is safe and easy to hold and release, and can be used for the processing of fragile, thin and ultra-thin substrates (<50m), such as GaAs, InP, LN, LT, thin silicon, thin micro-electromechanical wafers, etc.

The thin and ultra-thin wafers are fixed on the movable rigid carrier (T-ESC <) by electrostatic force, and no viscose is needed at all.

The thin and ultra-thin wafer fixed by the electrostatic chucker/de-chucker can be transferred and processed like the wafer of standard thickness. Existing, standardized systems can be used for processing thin and ultra-thin substrates/wafers without any system- or process-related modifications.

All electrostatic chucking and handling tools have a standard size of 2 "to 12" and customized shapes suitable for expected applications.

Electrostatic chucking and handling tools:

ProTec T-ESC® (HT T-ESC®) ProTec Litho HT T-ESC®


ProTec Glas fiber T-ESC®

ProTec Polymer T-ESC®



ProTec ACU 3000

ProTec SCU 3000

ProTec MCU 3000

ProTecs Electrostatic contactless Bipolar Racket

ProTec Electrostatic contactless Bipolar Racket

ProTec E-Chuck


· Temporary bonding without bonding materials

· Can be used to hold fragile wafers like

· Standard thickness to ultra-thin wafers

· Compound Semiconductor Wafer

· Glass, quartz, sapphire, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate

For detail please contact our expert.

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