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SINGULUS Wet Process Equipment for Semiconductor Applications

Wet Process Equipment for Semiconductor Applications

Semi Automated Wet Process Stations

· Semi Automated Wet Systems executed for max12

· Applications:o Semi automated systems with rotary robot arm system dedicated to one process bath and rinse for loading, unloading and agitation inside the process bath

Clear Execution and easy Access

· Clearly modular coordination to the process stations

· Modules are joined together forming a process line


Materials according different standards (e.g. FM 4910)

· Execution according SEMI Standard


· Clearly positioning of the media-interfaces at the top and backside

PLC- Process control system

· Stored Programmable computer; Siemens SIMATIC S7,

· altern. Allen Bradley

Installation module

· Integration of recirculation system,

· feeding tanks, Pumps, Particle-filtration, temperature control systems,

· Heater / Chiller systems

· Dosing tanks, pipe work / shut-off valves

· Electrical- and control system installed separately area with Nitrogen/CDA flushing